Scott Short "Untitled (Blue)", 2016

Scott Short "Untitled (Blue)", 2016

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Scott Short

Untitled (Blue), 2016
India ink on paper
61 x 44.5 inches
154.9 x 113 cm
signed on verso
Ships from: Marion, Ohio

Scott Short’s paintings are derived from and through both the copy and the monochrome.  His method is simple. He makes a black and white photocopy of a sheet of colored construction paper, and then makes a copy of the copy of the copy of the copy, etc., until many times removed from the original. From these many copies, Short will select a page and photograph it in slide form. He projects the slide onto a stretched canvas and painstakingly reproduces the image spec for spec.

Illusionistic representation and abstraction exemplify painting as it has been twice perfected; progress in painting’s development culminated in mimetic mastery on the one hand, and an art for art’s sake whose purest expression is the monochrome, on the other. Although the history of painting is recounted as a succession of styles, their morphology does not comprise an evolutionary narrative as much as it does a paradigm shift from the doctrine of copying to the ideology of the monochrome. While the two paradigms remain distinct, the copy and the monochrome together work in teleological fashion to make obsolete the very problems heretofore defining painting, namely how and what to paint.                 -Hamza Walker

Currently based in Columbus, Ohio, Short received his MFA from Ohio State University in 1990. His work has been included in the 2010 Whitney Biennial and in group exhibitions such as Gerhard Richter and the Disappearance of the Image in Contemporary Art at the Centro di Cultura Contemporanea Strozzina, Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, Italy; Near Fields at the Leal Rios Foundation in Lisbon, Portugal; No Information Available at Barbara Gladstone Gallery, Brussels, Belgium; and A Study in Midwestern Appropriation at The Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL; and solo exhibitions of note at The Renaissance Society at The University of Chicago; Cardi Gallery, Milan, Italy; and Christopher Grimes Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.  Public collections include The Albright -Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY; The Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, CA; The DePaul Art Museum, Chicago, IL; and The Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, OH.