Punk House Record

Punk House Record

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Limited-edition LP by Third Man Pressing. Cover designed by Savage Pencil. Through installation, video, music, and ephemera, Punk House aims to situate the role of “punk” within the broader theme of cultural resistance.

Manufactured By – Third Man Pressing

Curated By – Cary Loren


A1 – ADULT. Go Home
A2 – Timmy Vulgar Struttin' Stoned
A3 – Jad Fair And David* Mick Called Charlie
A4 – Galen (2) Mononut
A5 – Druid Perfume Old Rotting Meat Man
A6 – Destroy All Monsters Queen Of Egypt
A7 – The Whales Live At Trumbullplex
A8 – Outrageous Cherry Mystery Man
A9 – Wolf Eyes Live With Alma
B1 – Wolfman Band She's My Wolf
B2 – Pod Blotz They Can Open Your Door
B3 – Cotton Museum Shriveled Leech
B4 – Cinecyde Radiation Sickness
B5 – Cannibal (7) ASSTTXX
B6 – Princess Dragon-Mom Noise Camp
B7 – Jad Fair And David* Go Dada Daddyo
B8 – Odd Clouds Cleft Foot
B9 – Jamie Easter Row Boat
B10 – Monster Island Mothman Soliloquy
B11 – Dykehouse Creepage
B12 – The Beast People Death